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Black Forged Carbon

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The Black Forged Carbon HX20000 series of cast vinyl is extremely suitable for interior applications and car wrapping.


HX Black Forged Carbon Wrap Foil...

The HEXIS Skintac HX20000 series wrap film is ideal for interior applications and car wrapping. Thanks to its development, the foil is easily deformable and easy to apply on complex substrates.

The film is well suited to be used for company advertising or the complete wrapping of a vehicle. In combination with other foil types, the Hexis wrap foil black has a sleek appearance.

Black Forged Carbon.

Color: Charcoal black gloss
Width: 152cm
Length: 1 meter
Minimum order: 1 meter
Application temperature: +10°C.
Temperature resistance: -50°C to +110°C.

Service life when professionally installed: 6 years

Title: 1 Meter
Title: 1 Meter

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