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Arlon Premium

Matt Aluminum Blue


The Arlon Premium Color Change is a cast wrap film that has a FLITE Technology™. The FLITE technology makes the installation of the film easier and faster. It is one of the most unique and recent developments in the wrap field. The foil is produced in such a way that the foil floats over the surface to be wrapped and can be easily removed and repositioned. Even after applying the foil, it can still be easily removed. Only after applying pressure and heat do the air channels disappear and the glue distributes itself evenly under the foil. This way you get the smooth and glossy look you want!


In short, this foil, what makes this foil so special:

  • Excellent repositionability thanks to FLITE Technology™.
  • Invisible air channels for a super smooth look.
  • The gloss colors have an ultra gloss finish thanks to the protective film.
  • Perfectly balanced thickness (76-84 microns) and soft feeling.
  • Errors are easily corrected by heat. This minimizes wastage of the material.
  • Guaranteed to stay put in deep trenches, bends and recesses.
  • Self-healing adhesive for amazing end results.
  • Glue residue-free removable thanks to FLITE Technology™, leaves no glue residue or stains!


All these advantages mean that the foil can be processed faster than other foils and its removal also saves a lot of time and therefore money!


The film is available per running meter in a width of 1.52m.


Title: 5 Meter
Title: 5 Meter

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