Car Wrapping Groningen with Arlon FLITE Technology

This BMW XXXXX is tinted with the new foil of the Arlon Preium series in the color Satin Charcoal Metallic. The owner of this car had it under a cloth in the shed for a long time and needed an extensive overhaul. In our opinion, that rug is now a thing of the past, thanks to theexcellent repositionability  the Arlon Premium film provides that super-smooth look we were looking for. Not only is this foil incredibly beautiful, but for us as installers it is also a very nice material to work with! Arlon's foil features FLITE Technology™. The FLITE technology makes the installation of the film easier and faster. This makes it one of the most unique recent developments in wrap.

Below is a summary of all the benefits:

  • Guaranteed to stay put in deep trenches, bends and recesses.
  • Self-healing adhesive for amazing end results.
  • Glue residue-free removable thanks to FLITE Technology™, leaves no glue residue or stains!
  • Excellent repositionability thanks to the invisible air channels for a super smooth look.

BUT now we almost forget the most important thing... THE RESULT!..    



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