Windows tint Groningen

Blind windows

Window film has been developed to offer protection against external elements (such as wind, rain and snow) while still allowing a natural view to the outside world.

When solar energy (consisting of heat, light and UV radiation) falls on a glass window, almost 90% of the energy is transmitted.

However, when window film is applied to glass, the film's distinctive properties – such as special colors and/or metals incorporated into the film – act as a barrier against that solar energy. This is because some of the energy is absorbed or reflected.

The amount of absorbed and reflected energy depends on the composition of the film. Colored films contain no metal and are non-reflective because they only absorb solar energy.

These foils are less suitable for regulating heat and light because the solar energy is not reflected. Metallized foils, on the other hand, ensure that the solar energy is both absorbed and reflected. Therefore, these foils are better suited as sun protection, because the metal in the foil reflects both heat and light.

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