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Wrap and Tint Starters package


 Wrap and Tint Starters package

The  Wrap and Tint Starters package contains all professional tools for applying wrap and/or tin foil.

Content Shades: 

  1. Tractor - scratch free
  2. Triangle squeegeel - For hard to reach places, Medium hard.
  3. LilÇhizler pink rakel - Edges and corners, remove old foil and glue residue.
  4. Boot squeegee black wit - Tricky corners, flexible and strong.
  5. small draw with silicon edge.


  1. 30° Snap off blade - For graphics applications. 
  2. Spare blades for the 30° Snap off blade
  3. foil cutter - Cut effortlessly through any type of film.
  4. blue squeegee - Applying foil, scratch-free and increases the quality of the wrap.
  5. Flexstreme squeegee - For small edges and corners
  6. Edges finisher broken - For a neat finish without peeling foil

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