Car wrap


Car wrapping is literally wrapping your car. Xwrap Groningen, the expert in car wrapping, has a wide range of wrap films. Packing can be done in any desired color and in different materials, such as carbon foil, aluminum and chrome.

It is also possible to apply lettering to the wrap film. For wrapping it is important that the surface is smooth and that the paint layer is intact. When the foil is removed, the surface is just as smooth and clear as before the wrap.


By using high quality foil, special wrap foil, a new surface is created that you can enjoy for 5 to 7 years. Your car can be customized to your own design, this can be the hood, roof, mirrors, front bumper or of course the entire car. A major advantage of wrapping is that it offers protection against stone chips, scratches and discoloration.

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