Paint Protection Films

The possibilities with PPF.

As mentioned, all parts that are covered with foil are pre-cut to fit before being applied. All possible parts are available separately, whether it concerns protective foil for the upper part of the rear bumper, the side mirrors, a complete front bumper, or even the complete kit.

PPF Finish and Conditions

Paint protection treatment with transparent film is not 100% guaranteed to deliver dust and dirt free. It depends on the car paint.
With used cars it can happen that there is a slight amount of dust, dirt, existing stone chips
old scratches and stone chips remain visible under the PPF foil.

Paint Protection Film, abbreviated PPF is a 100% transparent, invisible, and self-repairing protective film. The Film/foil protects the paint surface against external damage such as stone chips and scratches.

The film is an American product and market leader in the field of paint protection film. The company is 100% committed to producing paint protection film. The foil is unique and is recommended to use on new cars.

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film is a clear or colored polyurethane film that can be applied over the paint surface to protect it from scratches, dents, or swirls that can be caused by road grime, rocks, bird/insect droppings or other external influences.

What distinguishes PPF.

Pint Protection film is cut to size for your car using a special software program (Design Access Program-DAP). The molds are constantly being developed, drawn, tested and digitized by hand. The biggest advantage of pre-cut foil is that you don't have to cut the foil back after application to your car, which can cause permanent damage to the paint. The pre-cut foil fits 100% seamlessly on your car.

The special composition of the polyurethane film makes it self-repairing. This means that light scratches or swirl marks will disappear in minutes. This happens when the foil is heated by, for example, the sun or warm water. The self-repairing foil then closes again, as it were, leaving a sleek and new surface.

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