Why to use window film on cars

  • Increase aesthetic value
    You can choose from several options for every type of car, from clear to dark tinted films, depending on your own taste.
  • Increase safety
    The safety film for cars is thicker than normal film, and therefore provides more protection against accidents and car theft.
  • Reduces dangerous glare
    Glare from the sun, or headlights in the dark can dazzle you when you're on the road. Installing window film on your side and rear windows can reduce these risks.
  • Heat reduction
    Current window films can block up to 63%* solar energy compared to untreated glass. A cooler interior improves driving comfort and significantly reduces air conditioning use, extending life and reducing fuel consumption.
  • Reducing discoloration
    Window film blocks up to 99%* of UV rays and significantly reduces heat. Reducing these major causes of interior discoloration will extend the life of your interior.
  • Reduction of health risks
    It is known that exposure to UV rays from the sun can be harmful to your eyes and skin. Window film provides an effective “sunscreen” against these harmful influences.