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Chameleon 84%VLT (Red-Blue) 30MX100CM


Chameleon foil

The new trend of next summer; Chameleon foil. The window film is so special because of the dynamic effect, where different colors can be seen when you look at the film from different angles.

Not only is it very beautiful, but it also blocks almost 80% of the heat and reflects 15% of the sunlight, so that sweating with squinted eyes is no longer necessary in the coming summer days.

What is the car window film good for? 

  1. Reduces annoying glare
  2. Lets less heat through
  3. Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays
  4. Protects your skin & eyes
  5. Reduces discolouration of the interior 
  6. Durable construction - double layer film with color infusion
  7. Non-conductive – compatible with GPS and radio signals
  8. CST™ Scratch Resistant Hard Coating – greater durability, protection and clarity. 


Light transmittance 83.8 %
Heat resistant 77.9 %
UV rejection 98.9 %
The law 2-ply 
Durability 10 years
Colour Kameleon Red
Dimensions 100CMX30Meter
Brand SWF Plus
Tags Chameleon window film
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Packaging str.m.

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