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Double-sided scraper


for removing glue, vinyl car film, adhesive tools on glass, windows, mirrors, hobs, cars, floors etc.

The scraper is comfortable to use and the plastic material makes it safe to use. The handle also contains an anti-slip material, making it comfortable to hold. 

The blades are also easy to replace. You only need to loosen the black screw and then remove the top cover. After this you can easily and quickly insert a new blade, mount and screw the top cover. 


  • Longer lifespan due to the durable blade and the sturdy handle 
  • Safe to use
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Replaceable blades (available separately)
Dimensions  Scraper - 12.5 cm *4.6 cm - Knife - 4cm *1.8 cm
Use Removal of glue, sticky residue, tape, labels, etc.

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