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Cutting Tape - Knifeless DesignLine (50 meters)

€28,99 €35,16

Knifelesstechsystems for soft cast vinyl, for sharp contours, very sharp cutting line, manual breaking so no scissors needed, 3 mm wide.


The products in a row: Knifeless DesignLine

- Scutting tape
- DesignLine Tape
-3M Knifeless Design Line Tape 50mtr

DesignLine is the new tape that has been added to the 3 already existing types: Finish Line, Pref Line and Bridge Line. DesignLine is made for customizing, designing and striping with a cutting quality equal to a cutting plotter. DesignLine is not a “successor” to the now well-known Finish Line. It's just an extra tool, with different features, for the professional wrapper.

What is the difference:
- DesignLine is stretchable, both the tape and the internal cutting wire
- Slightly stretched, the tape follows the artist's hand even more easily
- Slightly stretched gives an even tighter result
- Slightly stretched, even sharper curves can be made

Faster to use: - Break the tape with your fingers, no knife or scissors needed
- The cutting tape works at almost any angle
- You don't need to press the vinyl while cutting to get a better cutting result
- Even if you pull the tape slowly (in difficult places) you will still get a perfect “cut”


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