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microfibre cloth


Microfibre cloth per piece.

Microfibre cloths from Blinq   have a great dirt-absorbing capacity, a long life and are washable up to 95° C. They are lint-free, environmentally friendly, skin-friendly and of high quality. This makes them good to use for cleaning and degreasing the surface when pasting or wrapping. 

Benefits Microfibre cloth

- Also cleans well at low rubbing pressure, so less force is needed.
- Environmentally friendly and durable to use.
- Handy for degreasing, cleans without streaks.
- Can also be used dry for removing dust.
- Can absorb 4 times its own weight in moisture.
- Washable up to 95 degrees (no fabric softener!)
- Also useful for applying Shining Monkey to your paint or foil

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