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XWrap Groningen

Poly glove1 (S)

$5.00 $11.00

poly glove:

  • Improves your work while wrapping.

  • Improves quality during blow-drying.

  • Can be used on irregular surfaces.

  • Is 1 size (Extremely flexible)

  • Can be washed up to 40°C.


Wrap glove 1 pcs...

Wrapping becomes a lot easier with x Wrap cotton glove
The Poly glove prevents scratches when mounting your wrap foil.
You can use the glove on irregular or profiled surfaces.
Due to the high quality of the glove, it is anti-static.
The size of the glove is 1 size. (Extremely flexible)

The glove is made of a soft material and can therefore be machine washed.
The glove can be washed up to max. 40°C.


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